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chnology firm and local biotech co. Jintai. Plans are underway to construct a s▓tate-of-the-art factory, costing US$7.5 million, which

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includes 3D printing, R&D (research and development) lab, data processing and logistics?/p>

?center.According to Xinhua, the factory would make human parts mold that▓ help with orthopedic surgeries, burns and dentistry, as well as artificial parts for limbs.Yang Cheng was appointed manager-in-chief of the joint venture project and the factory started running production lines in early 2017.New advances for new lifeDoctors and medical caregivers should stay updated on the latest technological innovations and cures, which can be a matter of life or death especially f

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or children suffering from congenital heart disease.The Shanghai Children's Medical Center heart team is utilizing the latest and greatest 3D prin▓ting technologies to perform life-saving heart surgeri

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es.3d printing is not only revolutionizing the manufacturing industry but transforming ▓the healthcare sector as well.Chinese sci

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rinting technol▓ogies to help doctors in the surgical room, w▓hile businesses can generate p

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rofits and still save lives in the process.(The opinions expressed here do not necessarily refle

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